Specialist Stock – environmental stills and footage library

Specialist Stock is a division of Robert Harding World Imagery. Its comprehensive collection of photo and footage libraries makes it a world leader on the environment. The Specialist Stock collection holds one of the best `Green’ collections in the business, which includes images of science, society and natural world. It specialises in new perspectives on environmental issues, themes and new technology. They supply video content and do specialised video research and distribute multimedia packages worldwide to TV broadcasters, International NGOs, News, Publishers and the educational sector.

For stills contact Anthony Rudd anthony@robertharding.co +44 (0)20 7478 4000 or email for video research and sales contact Julie-anne Wilche julie-anne@robertharding.com +44(0)7857 307052.

For searching both still and video content go to www.robertharding.com or www.specialiststock.com

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