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Launched: Liftoff – ‘exclusive video content from fresh filmmaking talents’

Stock footage and photography agency Dissolve has launched the Liftoff collection.
They say: ‘It’s a thoughtfully assembled footage collection drawn from the professional and personal work of talented filmmakers.’ The collection includes footage originally shot for a variety of projects — commercial spots, narrative films, documentaries, travelogues, and experimental cinematography. In other words, not necessarily shot for stock. The result is a stylish collection of cinematic work. “Our customers are major advertising agencies, film studios, and production houses. They need exceptional content for their film and video projects,” says Brian Novy, director of sales for Dissolve. “The Liftoff collection delivers that — exclusive video content from fresh filmmaking talents who are bringing a cinematographer’s eye to stock.”

• The collection is born of Dissolve’s Liftoff program, which it has been offering to exclusive contributors for two years. Qualifying footage must first adhere to a few criteria, including having all releases and meeting overall quality and style standards. Dissolve’s in-house production team then edits, color grades, and creates the metadata for the video clips, at no cost to filmmakers.

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British Pathé reconnects with historic collection in North America

Historical newsreel archive British Pathé has regained control of its historic collection in North America.
They say: ‘This marks the first time in twenty-five years that all media professionals in these territories will be able to license footage from British Pathé directly rather than dealing with its former third-party representative, the WPA Film Library.’

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View: ITN Source famous faces interactive video timeline

ITN Source archive footage library has created an interactive video timeline showcasing some of the world’s famous faces from the last 50 years. The timeline manages to cover international artists, musicians, actors, sports personalities, politicians, religious leaders and industry gurus from across 5 decades in just 10 minutes – suffice to say competition to be included was tough!
Each decade has a one minute video dedicated to it – as well as surprising facts about the stars. For example did you know that when filming the Italian job Michael Caine couldn’t drive? He only passed his driving test 14 years later at the age of 50.
Take a look here

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World Press Photo 2016 – Multimedia Shortlist announced

The international jury of the 2016 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest has decided on the shortlist of nominees for this year’s awards. The multimedia contest has four categories: Short Form, Long Form, Immersive Storytelling and Innovative Storytelling. The contest entries were judged online for the first time this year, with the four specialist juries choosing a shortlist of three nominees per category.
The chairs of the four specialist juries will then comprise a general jury, which will meet in Amsterdam just prior to the Awards Days to select an overall winner for each category. The four overall winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in Amsterdam on 23 April.
View nominees + gallery here

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Focal Awards 2016: Kinolibrary shortlisted

Kinolibrary has been nominated for Best Library at the 2016 Focal Awards – along with a few other libraries! –
here’s the full list

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Getty Images partners video content marketplace Stringr

Stringr_Logo_-_50px_wide GettyImagesOnFF

Getty Images has partnered with Stringr a video marketplace that connects videographers with media organisations looking for real-time, curated video content. The partnership will provide Getty Images with access to high-quality video content from Stringr’s fast growing network of more than 11,000 videographers throughout the US.
The partnership includes distribution and licensing of Stringr video content from Getty Images, with a focus on high-quality editorial content sourced from Stringr’s nationwide network of videographers. The marketplace allows a customer to purchase and download content directly from the collection on Getty Images.

• Getty Images joins a number of local and national television stations and media companies distributing footage from Stringr’s network of both amateur and professional videographers. Stringr recently announced a $1.5 million round of funding from notable investors including Matter Ventures, and Signia Ventures.

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ITN Source reps British Movietone in the US

The British Movietone Film Collection from ITN Source on Vimeo.

ITN Source has announced a new agreement to represent British Movietone in the United States. The British Movietone film library dates from 1895 to 1984 and includes the first cinema newsreel to use both sound and colour film in Britain.
The British Movietone library has been estimated at around 80 million feet of film and includes silent film from the Henderson collection (1895-1929), the famous British Movietone cinema newsreels (1929-1984) and footage from the United Press film library (1960-1963). The collection was shot in 35mm, is fully digitized and transferable into HD format.

ITN Source has long been established as the home of cinema newsreels, representing most of the major newsreels, including; Gaumont Graphic, one of the first cinema newsreels (1910 – 1932), Empire News (1926-1930), Fox Movietone (1928-1963), Gaumont British (1929-1959), Universal News (1930-1956) and British Paramount (1931-1957). Now ITN Source has added British Movietone to this eminent list.

Andy Williams, Managing Director of ITN Source said “We are delighted to add the British Movietone film library to our extensive collection of editorial archives. The collection covers an incredible range of historically important news events and all the significant figures of the last century. We think our clients will appreciate being able to access so much cinema newsreel footage under one roof.”

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Call For Entries: 2016 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest

2016 World Press Photo Multimedia Contest
The categories have been revised for 2016, with a new category added—Immersive Storytelling.

Short Form
A single linear narrative, produced as a video for the web, lasting no longer than 10 minutes. The production must include photography and/or film in combination with (but not limited to) animation, graphics, illustrations, sound or text.

Long Form
A single linear narrative, or series of linear narratives, on a single topic, produced as a video for the web, and lasting no longer than 30 minutes in total. The production(s) must include photography and/or film in combination with (but not limited to) animation, graphics, illustrations, sound or text.

Immersive Storytelling
An immersive story or project, produced in a form other than video for the web, which must include photography and/or film in combination with text and (but not limited to) animation, graphics, illustrations, or sound.

Innovative Storytelling
A visual story or project produced for the web, or as an app for a mobile device, which through its design creates an innovative visual experience for the user. It must include photography and/or film in combination with (but not limited to) animation, graphics, illustrations, sound or text.

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New Stock Footage Agency: B-RollStock

Had this in from Elizabeth on the B-Roll team – the email said ‘launching 20 December’ – the PR says the ’10th’, either way looks like they are live
‘Hello Will,
I’m writing to you this time in behalf of the new, first B-roll specialized stock footage agency in the market. We will be launching our platform with over 10,000 curated B-roll packages on December 10th, so we are currently reaching out to media and journalists that might be interested in start-up companies and releases.’

From the PR: is ready to open the communication between customer and contributors to build strong bonds among professionals in the video producing, filmmaking, advertising and content generating industries. We attempt to set an scenario for professionals tu see their connections -and business- grow through our portal.
Features like “Hire me”, will allow any costumer find a contributor that specializes in the type of content they need at the location they need it and request customized ultimate B-roll footage. For now, we won’t interfiere in further negotiations that are generated from this feature but we have big expectations.
We are passionate about storytelling. We are determined to share this passion. And we will change the B-roll production game.

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The Feodor Pitcairn Collection now at NHNZ – under/topside marine footage

Click it

NHNZ Moving Images now has as exclusive deal to represent world-renowned ocean videographer and producer Feodor Pitcairn.
The Feodor Pitcairn Collection has over 65 hours of underwater and topside marine footage. Highlights include the reefs of Raja Ampat, Indonesia; mass spawning in the Gladden Spit Marine Reserve, Belize; marine iguanas and hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos; and an unequalled offering of whale footage, with significant coverage of humpbacks, sperm whales, grey whales and orcas.

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